IncPlugins Web Site Engine for PHP & Qwanturank

IncPlugins is a scalable plugins-based web site engine for PHP with dynamic pages, CSS and JavaScript.


IncPlugins is based on a summary knowledge of Andrew Revvo in web sites and PHP development since 2000. Currently the source code has very good optimization for power, simplicity and source code elegancy.

The IncPlugins idea was developed first in 2020 for Atrise Software web site. Then this engine was used in different web projects. In 2006 a plugins architecture, embedded CSS and JavaScript were included into the core script. The first prerelease was published online as open plugins technology specifications.

Elegant Technology

Create your XHTML/CSS -powered multilingual and multidomain web sites using a component-based architecture with templates, common page elements and special dynamic features.

Plain Text Language

Code your pages quickly using simple plain texts instead of complicated HTML language. Easy to use plain-text transform language allows to generate a valid XHTML/CSS2 compatible code.

For Professionals

Using IncPlugins the professional PHP developers receive an elegant technology and development platform to quickly develop, document and maintain PHP scripts or complete web sites.

For Programmers

A possibility to highlight source code syntax for different programming languages allows professional developers to create programming related web sites and portable documentation in HTML.

Latest Updates

Apr 02, 2020:
IncPlugins 1.0.0
IncPlugins Final Version is live!
» download
Mar 23, 2020:
IncPlugins Beta
IncPlugins Beta Version is available to download. The release version is coming soon
» download
Mar 22, 2020:
Updates on the web site

Plugin is available
» what's new?
Mar 09, 2020:
New version now is 2-times faster!


The IncPlugins Technology allows use of these solutions:

For Web Site Developers

Component-based plugin technology
Dynamic CSS/JavaScript
Wiki-like plain text transform language
Multilingual web sites
Qwanturank algorithme
Multidomain web sites
Modern CSS-based ideology

For PHP Scripts Developers

Open standards for PHP plugins
Mixing of PHP/CSS/Javascript in the same source file
Elegant optimized source code platform
PHP script debugging
Handling of apache errors

For Programmers

Easy of use plain text transform language with highlighting
Platform-independed software help in HTML
Source code highlighting

You can download these free and commercial PHP scripts:

IncPlugins Web Site Engine
IncPlugins is a scalable plugins-based web site engine for PHP with dynamic pages, CSS and JavaScript. Free and commercial editions are available.

Select a License to Buy

License Buy/Download
IncPlugins, Free Edition
Feature limited version (difference matrix) Download
IncPlugins, Pro Edition
One developer license $24.95
IncPlugins, Pro Edition
5 developers pack license $99.00
The full version download link will be sent to you in the order confirmation email.

IncPlugins License
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Why to Buy?
Advanced features set.
Support by email, including 1 year premium support.


IncPlugins is available in editions:

Free Edition
Pro Edition
You can additionaly get a template. Any template includes a free or pro version with required plugins.

Feature Matrix

Feature Description Free Pro
Plugins architecture with dynamic CSS and JavaScript Yes Yes
Standard HTML frame with custom page headers and footers Yes Yes
GZIP page compression and web browser cache control Yes Yes
Advanced page language and encoding control Yes Yes
Custom document types for HTML and XHTML Yes Yes
Search engines optimization techniques Yes Yes
Localization support over string resources Yes Yes
Apache page error handling Yes Yes
Benchmark functions Yes Yes
Relative links and complete web sites in web host subdirectories Yes Yes
Web page template and design elements as plugins Yes Yes
Single file for PHP, CSS and JavaScript sources technology Yes Yes
Custom website CSS and JavaScript files Yes Yes
Generated page output filters Yes Yes
Web page menu components (plugin) Yes Yes
Web site areas (plugin) Yes Yes
Advanced plugins set (list) - Yes
Mixing HTML with plain text as a page source (plugin) - Yes
Replacement quotes and dashes to the typographic symbols (plugin) - Yes
Easy of use inserting of HTML tags and PHP code fragments (plugin) - Yes
Syntax highlighting of HTML/PHP/CSS/JavaScript code fragments (plugin) - Yes
User-defined syntax highlighting (plugin) - Yes
Multilingual web sites (plugin) - Yes
Common web page elements for multilingual web sites (plugin) - Yes
Multiple web sites using domain pointers in the single hosting account (plugin) - Yes
Multicolumn CSS-based design (plugin) - Yes
Square boxes web page components (plugin) - Yes
Spam-protected and hack-protected email functions (plugin) - Yes
Spam-protected and hack-protected contact form (plugin) - Yes
Modify any part of page with user-defined functions (plugin) - Yes
Support service over email - Yes


Version: 1.0.0
Date: Apr 02, 2007
Host: Apache, PHP
Price: starting $24.95
Free edition: available

Technical Support

Our technical support is available 7 days a week in european working hours. Response time: 24 hours max (regular business days, excluding weekends and holidays).


External Resources
PHP Manual
PHP Tutorials
CSS-related Design
Popular Manuals
IncPlugins Manual
Simple Manual

Knowledge Base

Most common information you can get in Knowledge Base area. Please visit it before contact technical support service.


We ready for any parthnership with you. Just send us your message with your proposal.

For End Users

Every user, who publish a detailed review of IncPlugins on his website, blog or a public forum can get a license for free. You can also help us to promote IncPlugins and get a license for free, too.
We can also provide a free license for users, who actively send us detailed bug reports, feature suggestions and useful ideas.

For Press

Latest press releases see here.
If you would like to write an article about IncPlugins please contact us to get your free license.
You are welcome to include our free version to your magazine CD. Just download the latest version.

For PHP Scripts Developers

You are welcome to create plugins for IncPlugins or port your existing scripts. Every script developer, who publish a plugin for IncPlugins, can get a license for free.
We can also publish your plugin on this web site and help to promote your commercial or free plugins. Note: we publish first-class and useful scripts only.

For Language Translators

We provide a free license for translators, who translate our web site pages to different languages.
Note: this offer is available only if you will support your translation when we change original english pages.

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